Dear all,

Sister Yiren and Bro Jian Tu had a good discussion with Ven Wu Shin the other day and below is the summary and the work we need to carry out NOW.

1. Ven Master Chin Kung can confirm the dates of his visit, which is from 11 Oct to 14 Oct, providing we can make the following arrangements:

Action: Cheer!!!

2. We have to send Master a letter of invitation so UK visa for Master Chin Kung and his entourage can be submitted and finalised.

Action: KC Tang to draft but everyone please help to correct my sub-standard command of English.

3. Sister Yiren and Bro Jian Tu have also spoken to Bro Li, director of Buddhist Education Foundation UK so the BEF UK will be the official charity organisation issuing the invitation and handling all formal correspondence. All donations for the events will be issued with BEF UK receipts and a special fund will be set up within BEF UK to handle this.

Action: A big thank you to BEF (UK)!!!

4. However in order for me to draft the invitation, we will need to finalise the events (at least the two evening talks on the 12 and 13 Oct) for which we invite Master Chin Kung for.


  • a) I have not got the final green light from SOAS yet but I am happy to proceed without their agreement to co-host the events at this stage, as the letter is only to facilitate their visa application and confirm their visit to the UK. I will continue to work on SOAS.
  • b) Can ULUBUDA host one evening so we get free venue for the talk at London Universities? Of course unofficially ABS UK will be fully supporting the event, including all expenses incurred during the event? I was told that Logan Hall at Institute of Education was still available on the evening of 13 Oct, can ULUBUDA secure the booking, if ULUBUDA agree to host the event? If Logan Hall is available on the evening of 12 Oct this WOULD BE the best option.
  • c) With the money saved we could then hire another venue for the other evening, even if it is on full commercial rate. If Logan Hall is only available on the 13 Oct then we would take Camden Centre for the 12 Oct. If Logan Hall is available on the 12 Oct then we would book Friends House for the 13 Oct as it is more cost-effectively and centrally located but unavailable on the 12 Oct.

We can proceed with Friends House or Camden Centre ourselves (ABS and BEF UK) immediately but we would need a reply from ULUBUDA so could ULUBUDA hold an emergency ex-co committee ASAP, and if it is favourable, secure the venue before Monday/Tuesday?

5. Also from the last meeting at Barbican Centre and feedback from organizing members it looks like an inter-tradition dialogue is much needed and beneficial to all so let us all work on this ground and see if the conditions are ripened for this to materialise. Poon Sheng made a very suggestion that we could use the opportunity to launch ABS UK and get it and its work known amongst the different traditions.

Action: We (ABS UK) have not got a centre yet so we will need a place for the dialogue. It will be one of the morning engagements. Would London Buddhist Society be a good place for the event? It has got all the historical significance so it stands up in my mind. We can also prepare a dana offering to all the Sangha members so it would be very meaningful and attractive.

Please feel free to comment by replying to the above email address. It would help if you indicate the item number for your comments.

I apologise if I sound too overassertive or rude due to the urgency of the matters.

May you be well and joyous.

Amitabha and with metta,
KC Tang

Please find attached the minutes of the meeting on the 18 June. It is in draft form so please feedback if you have anything to add/comment.

pdf Minutes 18 June 2006_English.pdf

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