Dear venerables, brothers and sisters in the Dharma,

Amitabha and may you be well and joyous.

Since our first meeting with Ven Wu Shin last Tuesday 6 June 2006 we have made some progress on the planning of Ven Master’s visit and the establishment of Amitabha Buddhist Society London. Please find attached the progress summary detailing where we are at the moment. I am being updated with different news from time to time so it is also valid up to 5pm today 16 June 2006.

We are going to hold the first public meeting this Sunday 18 June 2006 at the Barbican Centre. Everyone interested to help out and organise is welcome. For those who would like to come to the meeting please note that we will meet beside the lake in the centre at 2.00pm. The following links show the direction to and location of Barbican Centre:

Barbican Centre Vistor Information
Street Map

There are still a lot of organising to do and many volunteers we need to recruit. Let us work together with a pure and sincere heart.

The offering of Dharma is the greatest offering of all.

May the journey bring joy and deeper understanding of the teachings to all.

With metta,
Kok-Cheong (KC) Tang, PhD, BEng
On behalf of the Ad-Hoc Committee for the Amitabha Buddhist Society, London, UK

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